TxAerosport Aerodrome covers 55 acres  with a north-south runway orientation and the property is entirely fenced and gated.  As depicted in the drawing below, Phase I development consists of 28 units to be built on the East side of the runway, with 14 of those units adjacent to the runway and the other 14 adjacent to the road paralleling the airport.  The runway-facing units have private 50’x60’ or 50’x80’ concrete ramps and there are separate 50’ concrete taxiways running between each group of four hangars and the grass taxiway which parallels the grass runway. Phase I excavation is complete and six hangars have been built to date, one of which is 80’x80’, two are 60’x80’, and three are 60’x60’ (all of which contain shop/apartment extensions on the rear).

Phase 2 development will consist of further development on the East side of the runway.  Details will be coming soon.

Phase 3 development is likely to be a mirror image of the Phase 2 development but built on the west side of the runway.  Details will be coming soon.

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