A variety of hangar designs, hangar sizes and hangar configurations are available in TxAeroSport’s Phase 1. Each hangar adjacent to the runway has a private concrete ramp and all hangar sales include the associated lot.  All hangar designs conform to our masterplanned arched-roof concept, are of all-steel construction and are capable of withstanding sustained windspeeds of 115 mph.  Every hangar is connected to underground utilities, including water from our deep water well and treatment plant, aerobic treatment system (advanced septic system) and 200-amp electrical service.

To ensure conformance to the TxAeroSport masterplan,  base hangar construction is performed by TxAeroSport contractors, but owners have the latitude to perform or subcontract the build-out of any internal improvements. 


201007280003Check out our Marianas, Midway, Iwo Jima and Guadalcanal designs!  Any of these can be modified to meet your individual requirements and pricing is available upon request.

Phase 1 Development

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